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Through years of investigating client’s gut health problems and through following the latest scientific literature and research, my Good Gut Point System is an easy way of increasing fibre in the diet aiming for the recommended daily allowance of fibre every day using a simple infographic.

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Why I created the point system

Through years of investigating into the root cause of depression and anxiety and how this relates to diet, nutritional deficiencies and gut health, I created what I believe to be an effective and simple solution to improve and optimise gut health.

I recognised a direct correlation existed between individuals with an imbalance in their gut bacteria, low fibre diets, and an increased expression of depression/anxiety explained in my latest blog “Anxiety and the gut microbiome”

To increase the diversity of the gut microbiome we must increase dietary fibre. However, not all fibre is equal and understanding how much, and which specific fibre will help us do this is difficult to navigate for most people.

Considering that the recommended daily allowance of fibre for adults is 30g/day, I wondered how anybody would really know what that looked like on a plate? This led to my development of the point system.

What is the point system?

 My Good Gut Point System is an easy way of increasing fibre aiming towards achieving the recommended daily allowance of fibre of 30g/day.

 Why is fibre so important?

Fibre is vital for proper digestion and for movement of waste through the digestive tract.  The waste products of digestion in your colon contain toxins and cellular waste that needs to be eliminated. If your diet is lacking in fibre the toxins can be re-adsorbed into the body instead of being eliminated, increasing the toxic load in the body. This can have a detrimental effect upon the balance of organisms (good and bad bacteria, yeast etc.) impacting mental health and wellbeing.

What is fibre?  

Fibre is an indigestible form of carbohydrate found in foods of plant origin. There are different types of fibre – soluble and insoluble. All plants contain some of both kinds of fibre – some however are more soluble and some are more insoluble. Both forms are essential for our health as they perform different tasks in the body hence the different fibre types shown in the point system.

How do I use the point system?

 It is important to increase fibre gradually, especially if you are not used to lots of fibre in your diet. It is also important to increase water intake alongside increasing fibre so that elimination can occur without straining or constipation.

What are the points based on?

Each point represents the amount of fibre in that particular food source.

How many points should I start with?

The recommended daily allowance of fibre for adults is 30g/day (30 points) but you should increase it gently starting with approx. 20g if you aren’t used to having much fibre in your diet.

Who is this point system NOT recommended for?

Anybody diagnosed with irritable bowel disease such as Colitis, Crohn’s or if you suffer with any chronic/acute pain that hasn’t been checked out by your GP.

What should I do if I get gut symptoms such as bloating/wind?

It is common to experience an increase in these symptoms when you increase fibre but if done gently over time your gut becomes more tolerant as the gut microbial balance increases and these symptoms should subside.

If you experience any pain/diarrhoea/chronic constipation, you should seek GP advice and seek a personalised nutrition plan.

What can I do if I feel I would benefit from more specific guidance?

You can book a FREE discovery call with me today to find out how I can help you.




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