VIP Membership Nutrition

VIP Membership Nutrition Group Online

VIP Membership Nutrition Group Online

What is VIP Membership?

It is a special online place for me and my tribe to hang out and geek-out about nutrition science especially gut focused. Everyone is interested in nutrition and how food influences our health so you will be in good company.

Every month we cover a new nutrition focus and there is an entire library of nutrition information, science, videos and recipes available to get stuck into at your leisure.

There is a huge library of amazing, healthy and nutritious recipes to try out and the members also share their own favourite healthy recipes so we can all learn from each other. Additionally, new seasonal recipes are added in each month for you to try plus special bonus recipe packs i.e. immune support pack. for you to download and keep.

“Being part of the VIP Group truly keeps up the incredible work of healthy eating.”


The VIP group is delivered in a private, facebook group and you can also join our Messenger chat to get alerts, and updates if you wish. There is also a live coffee catch up/Q&A each month on a different nutrition topic and for your chance to ask me anything.


Each VIP member also gets special offers/discounts throughout the year including supplements, tests, consultations and free access to any of my online programmes and workshops. All VIP annual members get FREE access to Eat Better Feel Better and all members get discounted one to one consultations with me.


“Being part of the VIP Group truly keeps up the incredible work of healthy eating. (I’m not on any encouragement from Evie to write this btw). It helps keep us mindful and focused.  We know we can have a little blow out on high days and holidays, but in all honesty, I much prefer the way I eat now.  Our good health and gut health is our best insurance against our ageing bodies. I’m not old at 70 but I’m still swimming daily,gigging 3/4 times a week.  I’m a Mum,a nan,a great grandmother.  My motto is life is for living do it as well as you can.  Lots of love to everyone”

– Maggie October, 2023

“Being part of VIP means I am thinking more about the foods I am eating. I constantly have you as a voice in my ear Evie! I could do more with portion control – even when all of it is healthy and I need to plan meals more. But great to be back and look forward to continuing in the VIP group”

– Alison, October 2023 

“VIP, is amazing.  Keeps up momentum along with so many interesting topics.  I think we who have found Evie Nutrition Gut Health specialist are so lucky”
– Oct, 2023

Come and Join Us
I look forward to seeing you inside the group and introducing you to my lovely, healthy community of wonderful people just like you. We love it and think you will too!