If you've ever struggled with gut problems, you may have come across the term FODMAPs and The Low Fodmap Diet Read more
Dairy intolerance
Have you been told you have a food intolerance? maybe gluten or dairy? Time and time again food intolerances are Read more
Chia seed in water with lemon and pinch of salt
Can Chia Seeds Help You Lose Weight Read more
Covid-19 virus trigger long term IBS and IBD
Breaking News: Covid-19 can be a trigger for long term gut problems and even trigger irritable bowel disease!! Compared with Read more
ADHD and nutrition
ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and is a medical condition. A person with ADHD has differences in brain Read more
probiotic supplement nutrition advice Evie Whitehead
Probiotic supplements and fermented foods are healthy ways to improve gut health Read more
healthy food vegetables nutrition
How to eat yourself healthier this year what Professor Tim Spector said to me Read more
healthy nutritious meal for gut health and digestion
Why calorie counting doesn't work for weight loss success and how to eat by Nutritional Therapist Evie Read more
Colon health podcast cover
These days, it’s very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Lunch breaks aren’t just Read more
porridge oats breakfast
Oats are such a versatile grain, they are a staple of many of our diet and it’s the way lots Read more
Word cloud nutrients gut health nutritionist
Where did it all go wrong? Our digestive health is of paramount importance to our longterm health. Our gut is Read more
JOIN ME LIVE ON FACEBOOK THIS WEEK! I will be going live this week three times to discuss three common Read more
nutrition for a better menopause
What happens during menopause? During the years leading into menopause the changes are experienced differently for many of us. Some Read more
5 easy ways to sneak more veg in
5 Ways to sneak in more veg for more nutrition without the fuss Read more
How to lose belly fat
I Can't shift the belly fat? Have you, like me, noticed throughout your 40’s that belly fat is creeping on Read more
Root cause nutrition with Evie gut health expert for IBS
IBS does not exist Although I do not believe that IBS exists, I see people every day that have been Read more
Learn if you have a vitamin D deficiency critical nutrition and foods to include Read more
New liver gene discovered that may hold clues to how you cope with late nights and affects how you metabolise Read more





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