I will be going live this week three times to discuss three common problems that I see in my clinic and give you some top tips to try at home: Click the topics below to watch on replay …

👉Tuesday 20th 6.30pm BLOATING
👉Thursday 22nd 12pm BELLY FAT; MENOPAUSE
👉Saturday 24th 10am FATIGUE & BRAIN FOG

If you have any questions about anything I discuss in these videos please get in touch and book your FREE 15 minute call with me so I can find out a little more about you and help. Contact me


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  1. […] Some signs that might be a clue that your gut health needs a little attention are symptoms bloating, excessive wind, distended stomach, constipation, loose stools, IBS (although, I do not believe IBS exists – something is driving those symptoms and my job is to help you find out what is causing it by finding the root cause/s). If you suffer with any of these symptoms, a little deeper digging is necessary, have a listen of my recent live video on bloating for top tip to try now Video on bloating […]

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