7-Day Healthy Gut Challenge


7-Day Challenge of simple, effective steps you can take to improve your gut health including recipes. Take the challenge and see how you feel!

*includes downloadable guide with 8 amazing recipes.



7-Days to Better Gut Health

Reports from those who completed my 7-day challenge reported; reduce bloating, better digestion, more energy, feeling generally better, less IBS symptoms.

The 7 day challenge downloadable PDF walks you through the simple steps and dietary changes you can make that from my experience have been most successful at reducing IBS symptoms. It is easy to implement, doesn’t involve costly or unusual food, everyone can try it these healthy habits to implement for better digestive/gut health. Includes 8 amazing recipes to help you through the 7 days with a selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and a gut-calming tea recipe all for just £15 for better gut health. Enjoy!


*if you are interested in being part of my private, healthy community in my VIP group to access this and more health challenges for FREE, with recipes and live nutrition talks, click here for info.



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