In just four weeks you can look better and feel better by just making a few simple changes.

Do you find yourself reaching for the fridge or cupboard at points in the day when you really do not need food? You’ve no idea why you are reaching for certain foods, you are not hungry, you do not even know what it is you are looking for.

We often find ourselves searching for food as comfort, eating when we are sad or happy, bored, tired, procrastinating, any reason other than being truly hungry.  So many of our feelings and habits surrounding our food choices are formed as we grow up, some healthy and some not.

As many of my Eat Better Feel Better members will testify (over 400 of them!), through a step by step process, we break down these habits formed over our lifetime, and at last, recognise the stumbling blocks that have prevented them from reaching their desired goal, whether that be weight loss, feeling energised, brighter mood or even improved sleep (all of the benefits from following my programme).

It is a lot about being honest with yourself! We are masters at lying to ourselves and giving ourselves no end of excuses to why we should allow ourselves off the hook! Once we can stare the problem in the face, we can then do something about it,  but understanding the science behind the hunger and appetite hormones really underpins making these changes. For example, a bad night sleep makes you feel exhausted the next day and increases your hunger hormones! It makes complete evolutionary sense! you are tired yet your body drives you to seek food. This was an important survival skill when we were cavemen an women, we would literally be starving and need to find food to survive. However, in today’s world we only need to walk to the fridge or snack cupboard to remain satisfied. Sleep is often overlooked but is a critical step of gaining control over your appetite, and I help you do this in the programme.

Fatigue is one of the most common complaints I hear and one of the most common reasons for making poor choices i.e. caffeine/sugar to keep going sound familiar? Making sure you fuel your body with good quality fuel is critical. You would not run your car on poor quality fuel and expect it to perform, how can you expect the same for yourself? The quality of the fuel we choose determines the outcome of your mood, energy, behaviour, sleep, and the next food choice you make.  What you choose to put on the end of your fork really does make a huge difference to how you feel.

Remember what happened in Lockdown One?

Before I can share with you how to eat better and feel better let me take you briefly back to Spring 2020. I know you will remember this time when our lives changed so dramatically. As a Nutritional Therapist I was running a busy clinic from home, seeing lots of clients face to face but suddenly my diary emptied. As a single parent of three hungry teenagers my heart sank, and I felt such compassion and empathy for everyone going through the same ordeal. I also felt slightly panicked and put on 1/2 stone! What on earth was I going to do? You can read my blog on how I lost that 1/2 stone here:

When Boris said pivot, I did! I decided to use my knowledge and skills to help myself and others feel better. With an empty diary, I spent this new found free time developing online content to give people encouragement through nutritional advice. I developed a series of super low-cost online workshop for just £5 and packed them full of nutritional tips and research delivered in a fun, educational and engaging way to help everyone understand the power of great nutrition, to help people feel empowered at this stressful time and to fight the virus.

The workshops were a great success. I was over the moon to see 60 people attend the first one, I had no idea that was going to happen, but I was overjoyed to be able to help so many people at one time. This was the start of many people engaging with their health using food to improve various areas of health and was the birth of my Eat Better programme. Each workshop covered a different topic, you can take a look at the topics here and even request a recording of them for yourself:

So, what does eating better really look like? It looks like change, change to your habits, change to your lifestyle and change to the way you feel. Once you make the connection between why food is making you tired/nauseous/bloated/craving sugar, you can take control back and make food your best ally for feeling amazing and losing weight. Starting with small changes you can take huge leaps towards feeling better. Many Eat Better members are overjoyed when they just don’t feel hungry between meals and lose the desire to snack and have heaps of energy! To join my next Eat Better programme, find out how you can be part of this amazing community here:

Eating better means making better choices most of the time, let us face it there is always a time when we need cake! 😉 The beauty of my programme is it takes an 80/20 approach; that is encouraging you step by step to change habits of a lifetime that may have held you back for too long! What you do 80% of the time will have the biggest impact on your health, the other 20% is reserved for those days when you just need to curl up on the sofa and have a glass of wine or piece of cake! Life will always present obstacles to us, being “good” 100% of the time is not realistic and just doesn’t work! so don’t stress, once you know how to Eat Better,  you will always know what to do to take life in your stride.

Ditch diets forever!

The online programme is now in its 5th run and it is going from strength to strength. I am loving being part of what I see as a “movement” towards eating better without the need to diet ever again! No shakes, no diet plans, no fads! Just a healthy way to engage with food and which choices will help you feel energised and help you reach your health goal whether that is weight loss or simply feeling better.

I designed my Eat Better Feel better programme which has helped over 400 people lose weight, but importantly the best outcome after completing the 4 weeks was that everyone felt so much better! This is because my 4-week step by step programme walks you through making better choices and importantly, educates you along the way so you can truly understand why it works so that you can continue these life changing habits long after the programme has ended. Eat Better Feel Better is a realistic and achievable way of enjoying food and understanding how it affects you and makes you feel so that you can ditch dieting forever!

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Need more specific, one to one advice?

As a Nutritional Therapist specialist in gut health, I have learnt from years of clinical experience that optimising gut health is key to improving physical and mental wellbeing. There is no better time to take your health in hand, and by having one to one, specialised advice, tailored to your unique needs, conditions, likes and dislikes, together we can create the best health plan, just for you.

If you would like to know how you can work with me on a one to one basis via Zoom and would like to arrange a free 15 minute discovery call so I can learn a little more about you and your health goals, I would love to hear from you today



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