Christmas countdown begins – how to avoid piling on extra pounds over the holidays!

Christmas holidays are just around the corner, two lockdowns saw wine-o’clock starting a good hour earlier than before and snacking out of control, and we found ourselves a little heavier than we liked.

Making a few adjustments here and there can make the difference between coming out of the Christmas period feeling fed up and hit the diets (and there will be hundreds promising you success!) out of desperation. Well, here are my top tips to help damage limitation.

#Tip1 Water! check for “thirst first”

The easiest way to prevent overeating/snacking is to increase your water intake. Did you know that your body gets confused between hunger and thirst?  dehydration could be causing you to reach for a snack when you might just need a glass of water! Try thirst first. Make sure you are well hydrated every day. Aim for 1.5-2L per day and use a tracker bottle.

#Tip2 Beware the buffet! 

As the season for overindulgence descends upon us…have no fear! Take back some control and make some really simple swaps to cut back on unnecessary calories. Avoid the beige coloured foods; pastries, pies, crisps and sauces, dips at the party buffet which are laden with calories and saturated fats. Go for the more nutrient-dense raw vegetable crudités and olives which are more nutritious and contain more fibre which is both more filling and better for your gut health!

#Tip3 Pre-loading

Did you know that science has proven that pre-loading before your meal with an apple, glass of water or a bowl of soup can cut the amount of calories you consume by up to 15%. That is a massive saving on unnecessary calories over the Christmas period and could save you up to 150-250 k/calories each time you pre-load. One to try before heading to the Christmas party!

#Tip4 Portion Control

If you want to lose a few pounds I recommend practicing portion control! Use your hand as a guide to monitor your intake at the dinner table. The fleshy part of your palm is around the correct serving size of protein i.e. turkey/nut roast. A clenched fist size serving of carbohydrates i.e. potatoes and your thumb tip is the appropriate serving of oils/butters. The good news is vegetables/salads are unlimited so fill up on those which are fantastic for your gut health, skin and energy levels. Aim to fill at least half of your plate with veg/salad and you will naturally be cutting back where you need to. If you find excess snacking is your biggest challenge ask for your free download of my top “healthy snacks”

#Tip5 Alcohol 

Excessive amounts of alcohol will increase your calorie count and leave you feeling sluggish and reaching for those starchy carbs the next day. Over the next few weeks when going alcohol-free is not an option, try to swap out the sugary ones such as wine, prosecco and beer for those with fewer calories such as gin & slime line tonic. Also practice what is known as a “water wedge”, drink a glass of water between alcoholic drinks to remain hydrated and reduce alcohol intake. It is said that your liver can process 1 alcoholic drink per hour, the water wedge can be a great way to help your liver process it.

#Tip6 Support your liver 

Support your liver with my gentle “one-day liver detox plan” for just £15! It is so effective when carried out once or even twice weekly in the lead up to Christmas leading to average 2lb weight loss per week.  It is simple, easy to follow (includes supporting recipes) to help support you through the next few weeks and over the Christmas period. The recipes are really tasty! I promise it is not purgery! in fact, my liver detox broth is one of my most popular recipes.

Healthy liver detox
healthy liver detox


How else can I help you?

I hope this helps, I am a fan of taking control of the food and drink you are consuming whilst remaining a realistic approach to the party season. Every meal has the opportunity to support health and wellness if you choose wisely but sometimes, we all let go a little of our restraint and it is Christmas after all!  Remember, it is what you choose to eat/drink 80% of the time that has the biggest impact on your health, so if you let your hair down, enjoy yourself without any shame or regret. We can simply regain control the next day and make better dietary choices that your body will thankyou for. Have a great party season and book yourself onto my next 4 week online healthy eating programme starting soon. Average weight loss over the four weeks is 7lb’s! This is NOT a diet, its is a longterm, realistic approach to eating healthily supported by science that helps you regain metabolic control.


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