Did your snacking get out of control during the first lockdown?!

I know mine did! That snack cupboard was always to available, too easy and always within reach. If you found the same as me that your trips to the fridge/cupboard increased during lockdown we need to take action now?!  Now we will be finding ourselves back at home again more than ever being surrounded by distraction in the form of little trips to the snack cupboard a few times a day can suddenly result in weight gain, feeling guilty and then the feeling pretty rubbish about yourself. Snacks offer us comfort, distraction, relief from boredom but they are a source of extra calories, anti-nutrients and oftentimes, stimulants.

Stop! Let’s re-think, pause between bites….I have some tips for you, I personally have found these to be really helpful and hope you do too.

My 3 top tips to stop snacking in lockdown

1) Water, yes, I know you have heard this many time before but read on…

It’s an obvious one, but seriously, increasing your water intake is a really easy way to keep your tummy full, stay hydrated and keep energy levels up. Reaching for a glass of water before you reach for the snacks is a sure way to give yourself time to think, assess “do I really need that snack?” and hydrate at the same time (we rarely drink enough water). Remember to try the “thirst-first” technique, you may just need a glass of water as our bodies often get confused between dehydration and feeling hungry. Aim for 1.5L water which equates to about 6-8 glasses every day. I use a water tracker bottle to make sure I am well hydrated; the one I use every day is the “dot” water tracker, great motivator to achieve my 4 dots per day! you can take a look at this and other nutrition favourites in my shop https://evienutrition.co.uk/store

drink more water reduce snacking evienutrition
Drinking more water can help reduce snacking

2) Take back control

We have lost control over many areas of our life during this “unprecedented” time (aarrgh?! anyone else sick of that word?) take back some control and make some really simple swaps to cut back on unnecessary calories in snacks. Firstly, don’t buy the unhealthy snacks? or at least put them in a really inconvenient place so you have to really think about it before you get your mitts on it!! Even go so far as to getting creative and cut out a picture of healthy food i.e. apple or pepper and stick it on the front of the snack cupboard/tin! This works for the whole family as a reminder of a healthier option they could choose?

apple fruit reduce snacking evienutrition
Putting a picture of a healthy snack on the snack tin/cupboard can make you more aware

3) Fill up on the good stuff

The good news is vegetables/salads are super-low in calories, high in fibre which fills you up for longer and full of vitamins and minerals. Fill up on the good stuff such as brightly chopped peppers/carrot/cucumber/celery/apple/sugar snap peas and keep these at the front of the fridge so they are the first thing you see! Veg and fruit are fabulous sources of fibre which are filling, low calorie and fantastic for your gut health and energy levels. Pour some love into prepping some enticing coloured fruit/veg/salads and make them interesting with spices, herbs, lemon etc. or you can make a healthy dip (see my online workshops for quick, speedy recipes and tips). Storing the raw veg in water keeps them fresh and crunchy for longer (just refresh the water each day).

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healthy snacks in Tupperware reduce snacking in lockdown
Have healthy snacks ready to go

Eat better feel better and start right now!

Take a realistic but honest approach…
I am a fan of taking control of what food/drink you are consuming whilst remaining a realistic. Every meal has the opportunity to support health and wellness if you choose wisely but sometimes, in uncertain times, we all let go a little of our restraint. Be kind to yourself but remember, it is what you choose to eat/drink 80% of the time that has the biggest impact on your health.

If you do go overboard on the snacks, be honest with yourself, you can regain control the next day, drink more water, make healthy choices easily accessible that your body and mind will thank you for. After all, we don’t know how long we will have to continue spending more time at home, so rather than treating this as a “holiday period”, treat it as a way of life for now and see it as an opportunity to improve your nutrition. This is the ethos of my 4 week online healthy eating programme that is having huge success at helping people eat better and feel better. Find out more about the programme here: https://evienutrition.co.uk/weight-loss-programmes

Evienutrition healthy eating programme online nutrition for weight loss


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